Price Hikes and New Palettes

Arabesque is the latest palette release from Bad Habit Beauty.  It’s said to be a dupe for the ABH Soft Glam palette and while it is lovely, there is a lot of talk from people saying they AREN’T going to buy it because of the price.  This palette costs $16 when most people have gotten pretty used to paying $10 for a full sized palette. $12 at the most.

fullsizeoutput_1a88Photo courtesy of Shop Hush.

Bad Habit can be purchased through an online website or phone app called Shop Hush and has earned a distinctive reputation for having great quality makeup for a very low price. The palettes however, have been creeping up in price with each new release. They now range anywhere in price from the original $10 price up to $16 for the exact same size product. Is the price hike going to stop any time soon or will it continue to climb? Is the increase based on the expected popularity of the palettes or is it becoming more expensive to source the product to make the eyeshadow palettes?

What’s your takeaway? Will you be buying the Arabesque palette? Is $16 too high of a price to ask or is it still a good value considering the price you would have to pay to buy the ABH Soft Glam palette?

Testing, Testing…

I have been wanting to have a blog for quite some time now. I have thought about it, read about it and even sat through webinars about why I should have a blog. So, all these weeks and months later, I still sit here with only one entry on this page. Why is that?

Why am I holding back? What is it that is keeping me from adding more to this page? I have several thoughts that I’ve put down in Evernote to add and it should be so easy for me. Copy and paste, add in a picture or two and voila! But no, I critique the tiny amount of stuff that IS actually on my page and not add to it. Imposter Syndrome – it’s real.

I WANT to do this. I WANT to be a blogger and I AM regularly adding content…it’s just, only available to me.  I can’t get anywhere by not sharing the content.

I think partially, I’m afraid of backlash. I feel like I’m not ready to take on the internet but that’s not true either or else I would never have posted a single video to YouTube. I really couldn’t say for sure, but you know what I AM going to do? I’m going to leave this post up on my page for now and until I get more content up…it’s staying here! LOL I’m not here to pretend that I’m perfect or that I even know what I’m doing so who cares? So there!


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Why isn’t a Selfie Considered Self-Love?

Why isn’t a selfie considered self-love?

The definition of consciousness is the awareness of one’s self. (Credit) If that is true and consciousness is truly awareness of oneself, wouldn’t that make the act of taking a selfie almost be like using it as a tool for raising one’s own consciousness?

Wayne Goss posted a pretty thought provoking post on Instagram the other day. He asked if we are too focused on ‘self’ in this modern day with social media and asked what our thoughts were and whether we liked it or not.

It was really interesting how many people seemed to not only be put off by the idea, some even seemed outright disgusted! I tried to check out the accounts of people who were most appalled and ironically those accounts all seemed to be private.

It’s interesting to me how people can on one hand be so against taking selfies and posting pictures of oneself on the internet and at the same time be so intrigued with reality TV and watching shows like Orange County Housewives, The Bachelor and other shows like that.

Hollywood makes its money off of beautiful people and millions and millions of people go to see movies every day around the world to see those beautiful people. Tabloids. Make millions by gossiping and judging what people look like…whether they are too fat or too thin or too pretty or too ugly.  The phrase “you can please some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time but you can’t ever please everyone all the time” really is true.  People can be really fickle and it’s really interesting to eye the amount of judgement they have against their peers.

Why would someone genuinely have an issue with their coworker taking selfies or having an Instagram account dedicated to looks they’ve really enjoyed and yet it’s ok for someone like Angelina Jolie Ron Kim Kardashian to be beautiful and in the media al the time? What makes one different from the other?

What about those that use their fame and popularity to further causes and help others? There are people out there who have intentionally become famous just so that they can use their fame to help other people in need by bringing awareness to causes.

Why is it “ok” for the general population to MAKE someone famous, promote them and show them love but when that adoration and promotion comes from ourselves, then it’s suddenly deemed wrong or conceited? Isn’t it beneficial for us to be our own champions? Aren’t we supposed to love ourselves? Even the Bible says “love one another as you love yourself”.  That requires some self love in order to carry out. Who will be our champion if not for ourselves?

When is a ‘selfie’ self-love?  What if taking a selfie of yourself when you’re feeling especially cute is actually an act of self care?There’s a whole movement around self-care these days. We’ve gone far too long without loving and caring for ourselves and why is that ok but taking a selfie is not? Why is it ok for somebody else to love us but not ok for us to love ourselves? Will it ever be ok?